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Search Engine Watch
Keep updated with major stories about search engine marketing and search engines as published by Search Engine Watch.

Google Q1 2014 Earnings: Profits Up as CPCs Slide
Google has revealed profits for the first quarter of 2014 of $3.45 billion, up from $3.35 billion in the same period last year, but its average cost-per-click income has fallen by 9 percent year-over-year.
Microsoft's Scroogled Campaign: Dead...Again?
Scroogled, Microsoft's anti-Google campaign, has met with mixed results. Derrock Connell, Microsoft Corporate President of the Bing Experiences team, recently indicated that Microsoft might be shutting the door on future Scroogled campaigns.
Searchmetrics Releases New Tools to Analyze & Optimize Web Page Performance
Searchmetrics has announced a new addition to the Searchmetrics Suite tools, called Page Cockpit, that promises to help marketers "more effectively analyze and optimize the organic search performance of specific landing pages on their sites."
70% of Consumers Researching Cars Turn to Search Engines First [Stats]
New data from Kenshoo on the automotive industry shows that search engines are the number one place consumers go to find information about automobiles ? and that those who engage with an auto brand on Twitter are 32 percent more likely to buy.
From Link Building to Link Earning: 3 Ways to Transition
Focus less on manual link building and more on delivering awesome content and community help. You'll have a lot more to earn if you invest a lot more of your time to earning links and dishing out information that people actually want to link to.
3 Paths to Marketing Success From Personal Brands
Recognizing the impact of personal branding and harnessing its power can create enormous gains for the brand. Your employee's visibility will fuel brand recognition, content development, incoming traffic, links, SEO, and PR and marketing efforts.
Google Shopping Campaigns Transition Tips
Google Shopping Campaigns will soon replace the Google Shopping Product Ad format. Here are some helpful transition tips on inventory format, campaign structure, and tools to get you ready as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Yahoo Wants Google's Spot as the Default iOS Search Engine
Will we see Apple switch its default search engine from Google to Yahoo? That's the scenario Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is looking to make a reality. Google currently pays Apple about $1 billion a year to be the default iOS search engine.
SEO & PPC Q1 2014 Trends: '(not provided)', Mobile & Bing Ads All Grow [Reports]
It?s that time of year when Q1 ?state of? reports are published to demonstrate where 2014 stands today. Two reports, one from RKG and one from The Search Agency, look at trends on both the organic and paid side. Here are the highlights.
Amazon's 4 Pillars of Success: A Preview of Jeffrey Eisenberg's Pubcon SFIMA ...
By being customer-centric, continuously optimizing and innovating, and creating an agile corporation, dominates the competition. Jeffrey Eisenberg explains how it became so successful and how marketers can grow and succeed like Amazon.
6 Tips to Protect a Large and Complex Website From Google Panda [Case Study]
Safeguarding large and complex websites from Google Panda is no easy feat. This post details a case study of a large website that got hit by Panda twice, and also provides important tips for avoiding content-quality problems.
Search Engine Optimization Companies: Break Google's Rules to Get Top Rankings?
Google and those who do SEO for a living are always preaching the importance of doing SEO and marketing the "right" way. Yet, do a search for [search engine optimization companies] and you'll see a site breaking Google's rules that ranks No. 1.
The Hidden Skill Every PPC Manager Should Possess: Sleuthing
The number of factors that may influence your PPC performance is almost endless, so PPC managers have to continually sharpen their analytical focus. Here's one example of why sleuthing is a critical skill of managing PPC accounts.
Will Google Reward Secure Websites With Better Search Rankings?
Is Google considering giving websites that use strong encryption preferential placement in its search results? Google's Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts has hinted at this, having recently spoken about about such a move.
Google Testing In-Store Conversions Tied to AdWords Ads
Google is testing a way to effectively bridge the gap between online activity and in-store purchases. Google has reportedly launched a pilot program with six advertisers dubbed "In-Store Attribution Transaction Reporting in AdWords."

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Search Engine Watch Discussion Forums
Search Engine Watch Forums

SEO and New gTLDs
So, a while back we had the "Exact Match Domain" update from Google, which apparently "leveled the playing field" so to speak and didn't give as much
Latest collection of Boxing Dvds
Online shopping websites offering (B)(URL="")boxing career sets(/URL)(/B) ensure y
seo cartoon
A Video About SEO Offering Some Solid Advice
I have just found a video hosted on Vimeo offering some great SEO advice. If you are new to the SEO game and are looking to promote your site then you
erectile dysfunction remedies what say doctors
They was sought his cialis.As he said fast before a cialis, rooms put emerging arm any with a truck from a gulls were out out you're. On the free samp
How to find if website sucks and how to improve sales?
It's not necessary for any website to perform very good. Lot of websites don't perform good as per expectation of webmaster. So question is how to fin
Suggestions needed
Hi, I need help. Please show me what I do wrong in seo for my website I read many seo tutorials but no improvements in google ra
A successful plan for your online business!
I've seen a lot of crappy posts about how you could get traffic to your website and how you could build links etc... Every single time people are givi
How to optimized contextual ads
Is contextual ads better way to promote a website ? is it safe for website or not ? (URL="")SEO Adelaide(/URL) | (URL="http
CMS with Text Mining
Hi everyone, We are a big company (5M pages) looking to switch to a new CMS. Our technology is not the best and we are looking at one that besides
What is seo clerks?
Hello friends, please give me a suggestion about seo clerks. Any kind of advice appreciated.
Yahoo or Google?
Why most people use Google instead of yahoo when searching the web? Is this means that Google is more reliable than yahoo?
How to analyze top competitors for a keyword?
I want to choose a keyword which i think will not give me a tough time to get ranked higher. How should I properly analyze it?
How do you choose your Keywords in Adwords?
I'm new to the world of PPC. I'll be on my second month with my new company were I work as Search Specialist. And I've just learned how we choose the
fake sunglasses ops4j
this method second fold is known as the "Second flattened borders" This has made me a more rough man or women, but not only throughout, however I seem

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SEO Chat Forums
SEO Chat - The home of all Search Engine Optimization resources. Aside from being the home of the popular Google-Dance tool, Seo Chat also contains a library of articles on topics such as Search Engine Keywords, Directories, Link Development, Marketing, Optimization, Promotion, News, Spiders, Submission, and more.

Recommendations on a site re-design
My company has a website that is in desperate need of a re-design but it ranks really high in the search engines. It was created in Dreamweaver and utilizes a dynamic web template, which includes a menu with about 30 links on it to product pages within the site. By getting rid of all of these links...
My indexed URLs are decreasing?
Guys I am heaving a strange stuff going on on my webmaster tool account. For a long time my indexed URLs were stuck at 991 then after I resubmitted my sitemap it they started to increase but now they are decreasing what seem to be the issue? I will post my URL if needed!
Social Media Campaign of an "Unsocial" or Taboo Product
I have been given an opportunity to do SMM for coffee. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are social media sites which I have to use for the promotion. But I'm scared because the product is a coffee which most people feel disgust about. It is Kopi Luwak which is made from cat's poop. I'm...
My small business had ranking destroyed through URL injection attack. Please ...
Hi all, Put simply, it's taken years of hard work to get my business to the level we're at now and I really hope one of you guys can help me out, or at least provide some solid advice. I apologize if any of my terminology is off, I'm a layman. * The root problem:* Recently, my website was...
Wordpress login attempts
This isn't necessarily related to SEO but since we are trying to use Wordpress to help with SEO this question might be semi-related... Has anyone else experienced thousands of login attempts to your wp-admin/ page? We run 4 websites on the same hosting server and every once in a while (usually...
How to rank in a specific country
To rank in a specific country, first of all, what type of domain name should select. For example for Nigeria, should I choose Or Any other recommendations...
Not Sure How Spammy Links Are Being Added Each Month
We recently helped a client to get a manual penalty removed by undertaking a disavow exercise. This problem was created by other companies that had worked on this site. However this site continues to have rubbish links being added each month, this is not from us and nobody else is working on it,...
Is this a seo way?
I have a company site. which shows our factory products(about 60 pieces). now, To get the product pages indexed more and more by goolge.and seached by our potential customers. i want to do the followings: add more and more products page using different product title and keywords. IS this way...
Fallen off the cliff on Yahoo and Bing
Hi folks. I have inherited a site that used to get 20% of its search engine traffic from Yahoo and Bing and 70% from Google. In the past three months Yahoo and Bing traffic has gradually declined until it is now 0% and Google accounts for 95 to 97% of the traffic. The rest of the traffic coming...
Google WMT Site Errors
Is it normal in Google Webmaster Tools under Site Errors to have green checks next to DNS, Server connectivity, and Robots.txt fetch but then to get errors when you hover over them? Under DNS i get the error "couldn't communicate with the DNS server." Under Server Connectivity i get the error...
Why does Google hate me?
I have a real estate website and only about 70 of my 40,000 plus listings are showing to be indexed by Google (similar results with other search engines). Two competing sites (both built by the same company that built mine) have tens of thousands more of these listing pages indexed. All of these...
I tried to write content! results into this! my grammar is not that good!
The role that the Social Media Optimization has to play within the SEO Services is a terribly crucial one. These days, the work of the search engine optimization appears to be incomplete without the Social Optimization process. If you're working for a SEO Service providing company, your work should...
Landing page for ecommerce site, advice needed please
I currently am looking at building some landing pages for some of my products that have different uses but am confused where to actually put them on my website. Do i put them as categories on my shopping cart or should it be totally free of the shopping cart and build them outside of it where they...
5 pages verus 1 page for keywords
I am in the process of totally re-developing our website and would like some professional advice. We are an event organisation in Thailand and have e.g. five separate pages for locations and wish to rank well for each location: Events Bangkok, Events Pattaya, Events Phuket etc with rich content on...
What Can I Do Canonical URL Using Different Site ?
What Can I Do Canonical URL Using Different Site ? My Site : Using Canonical URL : - www.efg.tld So I m Using Canonical URL in Different Sites

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