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Free SEO Services For Charity - Application

A Word From Beanstalk's CEO Dave Davies:
I was sitting on the deck of a condo in Whistler, BC thinking about how lucky I am to have the opportunity to trade my services with a very nice gentleman who runs a property management firm up there. We work on their site and in exchange, I get to take my family up to Whistler a couple times a year. It was while on that deck that I began thinking about the great series of events that lead me to this place - let's call it my life.

Having been blessed with a great family who taught me the right lessons, having grown up with not everything I wanted but certainly more than I needed, having the opportunity to get a good education and pursue good jobs until eventually deciding to start an SEO company - and having the resources, knowledge and partner to aid in its success: well, not everyone has these things. It was with these thoughts in mind that I decided and of course, got the full support of the President and staff of Beanstalk, to start giving back to the society that has given so much to us. Every month we will be selecting a worthwhile charity or non-profit to donate consulting and/or SEO services to.

What Do You get?

If you are a registered charity or non-profit organization and are selected to be the recipient of our free charity SEO services you'll have options based on your needs. Because each scenario is different we aren't going to try to tell you in advance what you need but we'll let you choose (though if we think we can help you more with other services than those you've selected we'll let you know). Basically - here are your options:

  • Consulting/Onsite SEO
    We'll provide onsite optimization and/or consulting services. This can include content optimization, site structure optimization, development or other areas that stand to provide for maximum effectiveness from oru services.
  • Link Building
    If what your site is in need of is links (and who's isn't?) we'll provide $1,500 in link building services. We won't define exactly which services here. Once an organization is selected we'll work with them to decide how our services can best be utilized for maximum effectiveness.
  • Full Review
    If you've already got some experience in SEO and link building or you are willing to take the time to learn then our full review might be the best choice for you. The review is pages long and covers everything from keyword research to various link building tactics as they apply to you site. It's a personalized review that will outline what you have to do to maximize your search engine exposure - all that you have to do then is to do it.
  • An Assortment
    It may turn out that a site can best be servied through a variety of efforts. In this case we're of course happy to offer $1,500 in various services. Our goal is to make the most of these free services to get yoru organization the best results possible.

The Cost To You

We couldn't really call it free if there was a cost to you now could we? All that we ask in return for our services is that we your permission to include mention of our work on our website and/or in other promotional efforts and that we be allowed to include a mention in the footer of your webiste for a full year noting that our services were given free of charge and that includes a link to the Beanstalk site. We hope you agree that this isn't asking much. If for some reason you can't provide this please include the reason why in the notes. You will will not be automatically excluded.

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