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LiquidSpace is a silly name, but a good idea!

This app almost flew right under my radar. The original press release this morning was so crammed with puffery and pretense that I chocked on the first few sentences. However I pushed through to the meat of the article and I’m glad I did.

Every day we see search solutions that bridge the gap between Google and the niche searches that aren’t properly serviced yet. If you’ve ever been out of town on business, or across town on business, and needed a spot to work from, you and I have something in common. I’ve personally gone wardriving looking for accessible WiFi to use from the car while waiting for my next task. Working from the car is not particularly effective as there’s people walking around, cars going by, and you can’t go five minutes without needing to adjust the temperature. Wandering into the nearest coffee shop isn’t much better. Have you tried to focus on a project from an oversized leather chair with people chattering all around you? Lets just say that you get what you paid for with free work spaces.

Enter LiquidSpace, an application that uses your current location to assist you in finding some temporary workspace.

“The beautifully designed app lets you browse nearby spaces, read reviews, prices and reserve. Then use the app to arrange meetings, send invites or just show up, check-in and work. Workspaces can vary from pay by the hour conference rooms, empty desks in corporate offices, a swanky boardroom around the corner, a hip co-working space in Union Square to a boat deck with WiFi in the bay. The time and price structure will be pre-determined by the venue and all payments will be easy to handle within the app.”

Obviously this is a huge win-win for both mobile office types and business owners who are WiFi enabled and have temporary spaces they could rent out. Even our office has areas we could register with the software and start offering up.

The software developers are planning a huge event for the release of the software in a few days including a WiFi enabled bus with seats for rent that roams all over downtown Austin.

Would you rent a quiet spot with reliable power/internet for 2hours for a buck or so? Do you have space in a busy part of town that could be rented? My answer is yes to both!

SEO news blog post by @ 12:24 am on March 9, 2011


Intel 510 6Gbps SSD

Were you just considering getting caught up and latching on to the latest SSD technology? As any SEO knows, crunching large sets of data is part of the job.

Annoyingly, getting useful information by processing data takes time, sometimes repeatedly, and all that work must be saved somewhere. As high-end users get multi-core CPUs in all our machines we start looking at other bottlenecks for further performance. This is where fast drives/storage solutions are a particularly interesting technology for someone in the SEO business.

I’ve been watching the prices on SSD drives fall from unacceptable levels down to “hey that’s not ridiculous” prices recently and it’s had my finger looming over the “buy now” button.

Today I see some press about the new Intel 510 series SATA 3.0 spec drives which is great. These drives can really pull off some impressive results:
Intel 510 SSD Specs

These figures easily best anything I’ve seen from consumer level RAID arrays, even ones using 10,000RPM ‘enthusiast drives’ like the WD Raptor series. While Intel is using their 34-nanometer, MLC NAND flash memory technology, the controller on the new drives is the Marvell 88SS9174-BKK2, which is new for Intel SSDs as previous designs stuck with Intel controllers for maximum performance/reliability.

Unlike most headlines, these drives are actually in the wild, and my local supplier has already had some stock come and go. Should you run out and buy one? Probably not.

A bit more looking reveals that the OCZ Vertex 3 6Gbps drives are showing up in local stock lists, and they are looking better in the early benchmarks that I have had a chance to review. Plus Crucial’s RealSSD SATA3 drives aren’t far behind either the Intel or OCZ drives for performance, they are in stock, and a few bucks cheaper!

Personally, I’d hold off for a bit and let the dust settle if you don’t “need” a drive today. However, if you must get something this minute, I’d either hunt around for some stock on the OCZ Vertex SATA3, or take a slight hit on performance and buy the Crucial RealSSD SATA3 that are available and cheaper.

SEO news blog post by @ 7:35 pm on March 1, 2011

Categories:Misc,SEO Tools


How important is Klout?

When Klout first came out it seemed like a decent idea with limited appeal. If you were doing business with someone online and wanted to profile them at a glance it was a handy tool to pull together both Facebook and Twitter info on one spot without any information overload.

Klout Logo Graphic

The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

How does Klout influence SEO? Well head on over to our Klout score and take a look at what an honest Klout looks like from an organic SEO: BeanstalkSEO on Klout

See how there’s some influence and natural looking results? Now say you found the twitter name of our biggest competition on Google’s search results.. Go look at their Klout, see what’s missing?

Suddenly Klout has a role in defining who really listens/talks to who, what crucial networks they belong to, and when someone is just a source of noise/self importance, it shows.

You could get on Facebook, and Twitter, friend all the people you’re curious about and compare the results from the two networks, or you can just go look them up in Klout and save a bunch of time.

The only problem I have with Klout is that it’s rather proprietary with it’s support for just Facebook and Twitter. This means if you have an excellent profile on Wikipedia that’s linked to from lots of other Wiki pages, that would never effect your Klout score, but it’s one of many sources that probably should?

SEO news blog post by @ 12:29 am on February 22, 2011


Social Media in your browser?

One of the things that’s shocked me on a somewhat personal level is the direction that newer browsers are going in terms of embracing a brand.

Yesterday I admitted that I was trying out IE9 RC and shared some of my personal feelings on the browser from a ‘day one’ perspective.

Today I discovered Microsoft’s take on ‘web apps’ in IE9. This is where a web page is run in the same way as a separate application. If you’ve used Chrome’s “Create application shortcut” option, this is similar, but instead of removing elements like the address bar and navigation buttons, IE9 has enabled added functionality in the right click menu:
IE9 Social Media Extensions

This is indeed very similar to a screen shot of FireFox 5′s interface:
FF5 Social Media Extensions

But it begs the question of how custom this feature is and who has access to it. If anyone can drive this menu system, then I fully embrace it with nerdy affections. If it’s some one-off coding to appease the biggest players on the web, then I couldn’t be more disappointed.

If this was happening years ago, say a site like MySpace was built into your browser, and an upstart like Facebook came along, what do you think the chances are of Facebook having the same success as it has?

SEO news blog post by @ 12:49 am on February 17, 2011


SEO Opinion of IE9 RC – Day 1

Well it’s day one with Internet Explorer 9 for this SEO nerd and I have a few things to say already.

Why ‘day one’ you might ask? Well the thing is, I’m a complex fellow, I have the 64bit version of Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7, installed on my work machine. This über ‘bleeding edge’ configuration was giving previous installs of IE9 too much to cope with and so I have been limited to testing Chrome, FF, and Opera browsers almost exclusively.

Yesterday the first reports of IE9 RC hit my in-box, and I chuckled at the thought of testing to see if it was stable enough to run on my ‘bleeding edge’ work machine. Surprisingly, all that was required was a restart of the whole computer and I was finally able to see the beta of IE9 firsthand! Eat your heart out, Windows 95!

Want to know what it looks like? Load up Chrome or Opera and open a couple tabs. Now picture the tabs on the same bar as the address box, just to the right of it, instead of at the very top. That’s what IE9′s layout looks like to me. The big difference is that instead of seeing a long address in the address bar, I see it in the title bar of the whole window, just like Opera except that Opera doesn’t even try to mask the sad fact that 3 bars are in use (title on the top, tabs in the middle, and then address and buttons on the bottom bar).

Speaking of Opera and wasted space, IE9 has taken the same approach as Chrome with regard to the status bar at the bottom of the screen. There is now a ‘status area’ where messages will pop-up as needed, and only Opera is wasting pixels at the bottom of the screen (by default, you can tweak it).

IE9 is supposed to be a great HTML5 browser and this was something I really had to test on day one. Things got off to a rough start with IE9 RC failing to run one of the first HTML5 test drive functions on Microsoft’s IE9 test pages. Admittedly it was an error with some MS geo-locational service, but that doesn’t explain why all the other browsers succeeded. IE9 also does not render HTML5 pages precisely the same way as Chrome, FF, Opera, and Dreamweaver. In fact it’s only IE9 that mangles my personal HTML5 markup, and trust me, I wouldn’t complain if it somehow improved my work. The speed of IE9 did impress me, and even Opera clobbered my Chrome install in a few benchmarks which was shocking. IE9 overall was the fastest to render the HTML5 tests on Microsoft’s pages, and quite fast in other benchmarks, but Chrome still does best in my favorite test, the CC Real-World HTML5/Javascript browser benchmark putting out a score of 14,443 vs. IE9′s 3,942 (Opera 11 = 11,943 and FF 4 = 6,454) out of 50,000 possible points.

Paste and Go gets a whole paragraph because it’s so badly overlooked. Come on IE, everyone else stole this, why can’t you? This is a no-brainer, so stop avoiding it and get it into the right-click menu. I could show you how to code this in less time than it took me to curse at it’s absence today.

Finally we get to how it feels. Fonts are tiny, 9-10 point looks like a 7-8 point font in IE9, and single spaced lines look double spaced.

IE9 Font

IE9 Font

Normal Font


I wrote a number of emails in IE9 with GMail and each time I was in a panic to make sure I was typing the body of the message without any unwanted font settings. This part of IE9 is likely to take too long for me to become accustomed to and combined with giving me bad renderings of my own HTML5 pages, I clearly can’t see this trial lasting that long on my machine.

SEO news blog post by @ 11:57 pm on February 15, 2011


Learning SEO: the Beginners Guide to SEO

Last week I talked about “gleaning” information from a variety of news blogs and websites. Of the sites that I mentioned, SEOmoz is by far at the top of my favorites. They have well written and informative blog posts, a slew of great (and free!) seo tools and a lot of great resources that any new or experienced seo tech would be remiss in neglecting.

If you are not already, it is only a matter of time before you hear the name of “Rand Fishkin” from SEOmoz. Rand’s name is synonymous with SEO and I would again like to send out props to him and the peeps at SEOmoz for putting together the latest version of their “Beginners Guide to SEO

Even those of us who consider ourselves to be adept at SEO would do well to give this guide a once over. It’s like watching an epic movie like Star Wars…you always see something that you didn’t catch before. For the seo “padowan” learner, I have found this small (51 page) guide an absolutely indispensable trainer. Fortunately for all of us, Rand is on the light side of the seo “force” and has not been corrupted by the “dark side”. More on the Dark side later ;-)

SEO news blog post by @ 11:29 pm on July 15, 2010

Categories:SEO Tips,SEO Tools


Learning SEO: Gleaning Knowledge

As an aspiring SEO Technician, I have inevitably been asking a lot of questions over the last year. It occurred to me that this would be a great thing to blog about. I will be discussing the different techniques that I am using to learn the SEO trade and will talk about the different resources or hurdles I have come across (and hopefully overcome) in doing so. This is my first installment of Learning SEO: Gleaning Knowledge.

When I first got in to SEO, the one question I seemed to find myself asking repeatedly is: “How do I keep up to date with changing SEO practices, trends and news?”.

After speaking with my coworkers as to what sites they used to stay updated, it occurred to me that others were probably wondering the same thing I was. I came to the conclusion that a list of noteworthy SEO blog/news sites might make for a helpful resource for others.

Some of these sites may seem obvious to any of those that have been in the industry for any length of time. To the aspiring SEO tech, these links should prove to be a valuable resource as well as introducing you to a few of the leading players in the SEO industry.

Here is my “SSSS” (Super-Seven-Seo-Sites):

Good general internet/seo information site. A great resource for article distribution (more on articles in another post).

Home to SEO Guru Rand Fishkin. This site has proven invaluable for their high quality blogs, learning resources and seo tools. Whiteboard Fridays ( ) are always a favourite.

Search Engine Roundtable
They report on the most interesting threads taking place at the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) forums.

Search Brains
Pulls in news from many sources. They also have an RSS feed to really get seo news updates in realtime.

Search Engine Journal
Established in 2003, SEJ specializes in a community approach to the reporting of search engine news & the sharing of Search Engine Marketing knowledge & tactics.

Search Engine Watch
A popular site with great tips on Internet Searches & SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), seo analysis and optimization.

Graywolf’s SEO
Home to the legendary one-man wolf-pack, Michael Gray. He has been involved in web development and website management in 1998 and his site is an incredible wealth of information for anyone in any internet related industry.

My suggestion is to start with just a few blog/news sites. It is easy to get “blogged” down by the mass of available information, articles and news topics being discussed. As I found out, reading any one post invariably leads you down many posts. I found that by spending about 15 minutes every morning perusing the headlines is a good way to stay in the loop. In no time you will become well versed in the trends, news and players associated with SEO.

Remember to talk to your coworkers too. They have been in the industry longer and will assuredly have some gained some good wisdom. My mantra? – “Be like a sponge”. Be open to any useful information colleges have to share and glean everything you can from them.

SEO news blog post by @ 6:09 pm on July 12, 2010


Adobe CS5 Trials Available For Download

For those of you who (like me) were waiting anxiously for CS5 trial versions to become available … you’re in for a treat. :)

I just got my email from them announcing that the trial versions of the new suites are available and of course – I’ve just downloaded Dreamweaver to give it a test drive.  I’ll report on that another day as, well … I just downloaded it.  I can so far say the download was fast but that’s the only review I can do.

You can get product information and download the trials off the Adobe website here and if you order by the end of the month you get free shipping. :)

Do download the trial, give it a try and of course – watch the Beanstalk blog for more information. :)

SEO news blog post by @ 6:42 pm on May 3, 2010

Categories:SEO Tools


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