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At Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization we know that knowledge is power. That's the reason we started this Internet marketing blog back in 2005. We know that the better informed our visitors are, the better the decisions they will make for their websites and their online businesses. We hope you enjoy your stay and find the news, tips and ideas contained within this blog useful.

October 24, 2013

PubCon: Jason Calacanis v. Matt Cutts

Oh the highlights from PubCon are sending tingles up everyone’s spines. So it should since it started of with a head to head in a David and Goliath face off; except in this case it was Goliath that wins. If your wondering what I’m referring to it is the Jason Calacanis and Matt Cutts Showdown. In a packed standing room only day one keynote talk by Jason Calcanus, he kicked it off by targeting the giant Google. Multiple tiny stones were thrown at Google’s way by Jason but I assume they were nothing more than an irritating itch in Google’s collar.

Looking at Jason’s track record it seems to me that he is one successful man. I’m sure he was happy with Google at one time but unfortunately from what we hear from our sources (or lets just say Twitter) not so much anymore. Two of the most talked about issues brought up on the social vine was

1. Google’s take down of Spam, and
2. Google’s Preferential treatment of partners with big money.

1. Spam is spam and it even tastes bad in a can. Props for Google hitting it hard and Search Engine Journal posted Matt’s comeback as: “We had to move fast when attacking spam. We attacked anything that looked like a content farm. But when most of the site is spam, there is nothing we can do. Even if you have some quality content but mostly negative content… nothing can be done.”

If a company took advantage of spam they obviously knew what they were getting into and ultimately were going to get caught. Don’t complain now.

2.Preferable treatment? This isn’t the case. It’s advertising – the more you advertise the more you’ll be seen. This is just common knowledge. Besides, there is more that you can do to get in front of clients and potential clients just get out there and network!

To sum this up it really seam to me that the evolving way we do digital business has made somebody uncomfortable and in fact, it’s made many people uncomfortable. This demonstration is a good example that no matter if you’re a big business or small – how you play the game is so important and that choice can ultimately haunt you down the road.

The list of influential speakers at PubCon has made an impact on it’s audience. Just reading from three Twitter feeds alone, many business took time to visit the convention for answers. From topics “Monetizing and Optimizing your Blog” with Adam Reimer, Michael David and Stephen Spencer as well as “Conversions in a Social World” by Tim Ash. Topics like these are parts to a stable foundation for online business and marketing. Perfect for many of the smaller businesses who took the time to visit this convention.

The first three days made an impact for so many but also seemed to connect the digital leaders to the businesses they work with. Besides the entertaining match between Matt and Jason many positive connections were made and will continue to be made as long as these conventions continue.

We’ll have a more detailed post about what was learned and what was talked about shortly.  Now that we’ve got the gossip out of the way. ;)

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February 7, 2013

That escalated quickly: Google Glass prices, dates, and a spec leak?

I’ve talked about Google Glass already, Finnish them! (Google Glasses and WiFi Liabillity), Google Chronos?, Google develops ARGs for Pirates, many times..

In those articles we were mostly looking at patents and prototypes.

Now we have WIRED.COM and both spewing out specs based on more patents and some developer info…

A bone conduction listening device.
Hello? Can you ear me?
  • 802.11 b/g 2.4 GHz WLAN
  • Bluetooth ver 4.0 low-energy radio
  • “Bone Conduction” audio playback
  • a $1,500 (£962) price tag
  • developer shipments in early 2013
  • a projected 2014 launch date

Breaking this down, we learn a fair bit from each fact we can establish.

802.11 b/g support means that N mode WiFi won’t likely be supported, and the best guess would be the it’s getting dropped due to power consumption. Additionally, there’s a rumor that the primary data connection for the Google Glass will be a tethered cell phone acting as a ‘modem’ of sorts to expand the Google Glass’s communications range without bulking it up.

The 4.0 version of the Bluetooth radio stack is an exceptionally good match for a device running off of batteries, that sits on your head. This version of the Bluetooth stack supports BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy mode operations that allow a device like Google glass to sip on power and still remain connected to other devices.

If Google Glass had an option to support class 1 (100mW transmissions) networks it would supply you with a range of up to 328′ or 100 meters. If you were a household cleaner you could leave your phone in a central location, put on your Google glasses, and record your cleaning efforts directly to your phone or relay it to a remote server. By doing this you could safe guard yourself against damage claims and other issues presented by the homeowners.

In fact you could also be listening to some music, without blocking your ability to hear other sounds, like a knock at the door, or someone coming home. This is because the Google glass does not block incoming sounds/cover your ears.

The ‘bone conduction‘ audio drivers on the Google Glass send audio vibrations via your skull bones to your inner ear which then ‘hears’ the vibrations as sound.

This means that if you are driving, biking, walking, etc., you can expect the Google Glass audio feedback to be less of an obstruction/safety risk than typical in-ear or over-ear style systems.

Picture wearing these as a lawyer, and someone is attempting to hold you to words you’ve never even said. You could jump to the date/time the original discussion occurred and play it back verbatim, clearing up any mistakes/poor recollection that might otherwise cause endless headaches.

The trick in this case, since a lawyer/doctor, couldn’t ethically record video to an insecure/public location like a ‘Google Hangout’, would be for Google to either offer some sort of private video storage/search/retrieval service (I hear they have some experience with video?), that has the sufficient security clearances to avoid any concerns about storage.

The $1,500.00 price tag is for the Developer’s build of the device, currently being called the ‘Explorer Edition’, that will be shipping this year. In fact Google has said “early this year” as the date, so “sooner than later” is a fine guesstimate.

The signup for the Explorer Edition was actually quite the event, while the attendees were sitting in the conference center Google dropped some ‘Glass’ equipped sky-divers onto the site from an overhead balloon. The video from their Glass units was then streamed inside the event for a bit of a surreal effect.

At the end of the conference the developers willing to pay the $1,500.00 price tag were given a specially etched slate of glass with the serial # of the unit they will be shipping to you later.

A glass brick with a serial number etched into it.
Ooooh my precious.. So shiny..

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August 16, 2012

You don’t want the next Penguin update…

Scary Matt Cutts

Is Matt Cutts just goofing around or is he really trying to scare us?

The statement in the title of this article, from Matt Cutts, has the SEO world looking for further information as to just how bad the next Penguin update will be.

During the SES in San Francisco this week Matt Cutts got a chance to speak about updates and how they will effect SEOs. One of the things he was quoted as saying really caught my eye:

You don’t want the next Penguin update, the engineers have been working hard…

Mr.Cutts has recently eaten some words, retracting his statement that too much SEO is a bad thing, and explaining that good SEO is still good.

Even with attendees saying that he spoke the words with no signs of ominous intent, how do you expect the SEO world to take follow up statements like:

The updates are going the be jarring and julting for a while.

That’s just not positive sounding at all and it almost has the tone of admission that the next updates are perhaps going to be ‘too much’ even in Matt’s opinion, and he’s one of Google’s top engineers!

My take is that if you are doing anything even slightly shady, you’re about to see some massive ranking spanking.

Reciprocal links, excessive directories, participating in back-link cliques/neighborhoods, pointless press releases, redundant article syndication, duplicate content without authorship markup, poorly configured CMS parameters, etc.. These are all likely to be things, in my opinion, that will burn overly SEO’d sites in the next update.

The discussion also made it’s way to the issues with Twitter data feeds. Essentially since Google and Twitter no longer have an agreement, Google is effectively ‘blocked’ from crawling Twitter.

Dead twitter bird

On the topic of Twitter crawling Matt Cutts was quoted as saying:

..we can do it relatively well, but if we could crawl Twitter in the full way we can, their infastructure[sic] wouldn’t be able to handle it


Which to me seems odd, since I don’t see any other sites complaining about how much load Google is placing on their infrastructure?

Clearly the issue is still political/strategic and neither side is looking to point fingers.

With Twitter’s social media relevance diminished you’d think +1′s would be a focus point but Matt Cutts also commented on the situation stating that we shouldn’t place much value on +1 stats for now.

A final point was made about Knowledge Graph, the new information panel that’s appearing on certain search terms.

Since the Google Search Quality team is now the Google Knowledge Graph team Matt Cutts had some great answers on the topic of Knowledge Graph, including the data sources and harm to Wikipedia.

There had been a lot of cursing about Google simply abusing Wikipedia’s bandwidth/resources but it was made clear during the session that Wikipedia is not traffic dependent because they don’t use ads for revenue.

Essentially, if Wikipedia’s data is getting better utilized, and they haven’t had to do anything to make it happen, they are happy.

If you wanted to get more details there’s lots of #SESSF hashed posts on Twitter and plenty of articles coming from the attendees.

I’m personally going to go start working on a moat for this Penguin problem..

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June 9, 2012

Social Media Camp – Fred Sarkari

The keynote start with an interesting fact.  The average infant laughs 483 times per day.  An adult … 11.

Alright … let’s begin.

Social Media Camp

Keynote: What Is Social Media?

Fred Sarkari is the keynote speaker.  Her reminds us of some issues with social media:
Social media is a crutch.  Don’t forget the human element.  Too many business ignore the human element in exchange for social media.

There are three possible outcomes from a social media presence:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Opportunity passes you by
  3. Opportunity ruins your business

Warning: the human mind views success as being busy.  Too many people measure social media as a success when they are spending too much time on it.

It’s important to understand that we are no different than children.  We make decisions based on emotion and justify with logic.  When engaging in social media you need to understand that people are viewing with emotion.  Not everything needs to be perfect – we are human.

Similarly – we need to ask ourselves the same question children do … “Why?”  When engaging in social media it’s better then to do one or two things well than many poorly so ask “Why?” when looking at a new platform.

Rules For Social Media:

  1. Build relationships.  You can be replaced … your relationships can’t.  You need to be willing to put yourself on the line, express who you are and communicate with your audience honestly.
  2. Don’t be an ego collector.  Numbers don’t mean success.  You can buy fans but they’ll never buy from you.
  3. Invite eyeballs to home base.  Real interested visitors can pull their social traffic to their website/blog/etc.
  4. The BBQ effect.  Friends of friends are qualified/liked and trusted.  But if you turn on your fiends and try to sell them … they’ll feel betrayed.  Use social media to build trust and respect.  Invite them to your BBQ to meet you … the rest will follow.
  5. Be found.  Content, don’t post useless information (personal note – please please please listen to this one if I’m on your Follower list.  I don’t care that you’re having a coffee at Starbucks).  Gear your updates to what your audience is looking for.
  6. Partnerships.  They’re dangerous if you don’t develop the right partnerships but one or two of the right ones will change your business.
  7. Social media is like a cocktail.  If you order a cocktail you don’t want it diluted with ice.  Similarly, your followers don’t want your updates diluted with useless filler.
  8. Ask yourself: if you could be found by one specific person … how would you describe them?
  9. Return.  We spend so much time and resources getting people to us, don’t lose them.  Give them what they want.
  10. Do: Inspire people.  Educate people based on what they do, not what you do.  Help them execute their needs.
  11. Resources. What resources do I have?  Make sure you allocate them effectively.

Overall a very good presentation.  Covered the basics but sometimes a reminder there is spot on. :)

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March 27, 2012

Google IO is a sellout

I know we’ve been anti-Google the last few weeks, but Google’s upcoming IO conference really did sell-out, in 20 mins no less!
GoogleIO 2012 Sold Out
With only 5,500 seats the 20 minute sell-out wasn’t too shocking, but the $2,000 EBay auction for a Google IO ticket took me by surprise. I tried to go find it for a confirmation picture but it was already nuked. Even at the full price of $900 a pop, the scalping price was over double! Heck educational admission ticket prices are only $300 each!?

If you’re wondering ‘what the heck is Google IO?’ that could be our fault, because our post about it last year, Ooh Shiny! ChromeOS & ChromeBook, was totally about the new ChromeBook and not the conference.. Oh man!

Each year Google hosts it’s Input/Output conference to not only share a vision of what’s ahead for Google, but also to get some feedback from the developers and users that work with Google’s solutions.

As is the case each year the team of nerds over at Google have put together a ‘chrome experiment‘ for anyone with a Google account.

The splash page for the Google IO event experiment teases us with the following:

“Brush up on your geometry, dust off your protractor, and architect a machine only you could have dreamt of. Join developers tackling our latest Chrome Experiment for a chance to have your machine featured at Google I/O.”

… yet the site seems a wee bit too popular at the moment, refusing to proceed into the actual site no matter how many times your click it. I’ll have to keep trying but right now it looks like I’ll have to come back and update after lunch.

If you REALLY wanted to click something to fiddle with in your browser, and it has to work right this second, well try Browser Quest from Mozilla Labs! While the game is currently still up and running I expect it will completely flat-line as it reaches peak popularity. I am running around as DobbieBobkins if you get in.

Browser Quest is an HTML5 site, with everything using the latest web-tech available. Don’t let those 8-bit graphics fool you, this is a modern technical demonstration. I’ve seen the game work with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera, just fine, though Opera was loading like dirt because of some broken plugins.

Speaking of coming back to things. I keep saying that we will have more on the Beanstalk Minecraft map contest, including some videos to inspire folks with ideas.. Sadly I am SO out of date with video capture that it boggles the mind.

Apparently my problem with recording is missing codecs, so I installed the FFdshow package which supposedly contains the right codecs to maintain the correct color space and gamma values in my source videos. If that sounded like Spanish, in a nutshell I’m fixing some dark video issues. :)

Here’s my last upload fresh off the preview screen, and it’s STILL TOO DARK?

So, for now, today’s post is more of a bookmark, with some Google IO teasing, to be visited again after lunch when things are less popular. ;)

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September 22, 2011

Free Tickets To Digital World Expo

Beanstalk is giving away 4 free tickets to Digital World Expo running from September 25th through 27th in beautiful Las Vegas. And these aren’t just expo passes … these are class passes costing $877 each. To get your pass is easy, just be one of the first four to Contact Us and just add DWE in the Notes field with a 2 sentence description of what you’re hoping to get out of attending. People will be contacted as approved. This isn’t a contest to judge the best four answers – it’s simply a selection of 4 people who will truly get the most from such a great conference.

For those who enter – hope to see you in Vegas. I’ll be speaking on organic SEO 4 times at the conference. I hope you’ll come up and say hi.

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