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How important is Klout?

When Klout first came out it seemed like a decent idea with limited appeal. If you were doing business with someone online and wanted to profile them at a glance it was a handy tool to pull together both Facebook and Twitter info on one spot without any information overload.

Klout Logo Graphic

The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

How does Klout influence SEO? Well head on over to our Klout score and take a look at what an honest Klout looks like from an organic SEO: BeanstalkSEO on Klout

See how there’s some influence and natural looking results? Now say you found the twitter name of our biggest competition on Google’s search results.. Go look at their Klout, see what’s missing?

Suddenly Klout has a role in defining who really listens/talks to who, what crucial networks they belong to, and when someone is just a source of noise/self importance, it shows.

You could get on Facebook, and Twitter, friend all the people you’re curious about and compare the results from the two networks, or you can just go look them up in Klout and save a bunch of time.

The only problem I have with Klout is that it’s rather proprietary with it’s support for just Facebook and Twitter. This means if you have an excellent profile on Wikipedia that’s linked to from lots of other Wiki pages, that would never effect your Klout score, but it’s one of many sources that probably should?

SEO news blog post by @ 12:29 am on February 22, 2011


What Is Net Neutrality

The latest article by Beanstalk is now out.  The article, written by Beanstalk’s Kyle Krenbrink gives an unbiased look at Net Neutrality seeking to not take sides but to inform the reader as to what the argument is about, what is at stake and includes links to a wide array of resources where visitors can become more information on this extremely important topic.

You can read the article on our site here.

SEO news blog post by @ 1:37 am on February 19, 2011


The Beanstalk 2010 Year in Review

As another year winds down, the “Year in Review” lists start gearing up. As we celebrate this joyous season, whether you celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Festivas or Kwanza, our gift to you is better than another tie that you don’t need – It’s our the Beanstalk 2010 Super Awesome Wonderfully Spectacular 2010 Year in Review. And no…you cannot return it for a refund.

Instead of just focusing on one area, I thought I would cover a few areas of interest and recap some of the highlights from the year.

The Internet:

The year seems to have been another one of global Internet dominance by the uber-mega-giant Google. I had thought about naming the post the “Year of Google” but there are others that deserve our attentions as well.

  1. Google Places
    This new service from Google allows business owners to update and manage their physical business location information. This information can be used to update their business listing so that it appears correctly within Google Maps and associated Google properties and search and Display Network sites.

  3. The Google-Groupon Deal
    Google offers a staggering $5.3 Billion (yes…pinky finger poised at the corner of your lip “billion” dollars) for the Coupon-per-Day Marketing giant Groupon, who later snubs the offer.

  5. Google Instant
    Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. It is pushing the limits of Google’s technology and infrastructure in an effort to get you better search results, faster.

  7. Google Chrome OS
    A forthcoming Linux-based operating system designed by Google to work exclusively with web applications and based on the open source Chromium OS project. The expected launch date for retail hardware featuring Chrome OS has slipped since Google first announced the operating system on July 7, 2009: from late 2010 to early 2011 to, by some reports, mid-2011.

  9. Google Caffeine
    From Google: “Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it’s the largest collection of web content we’ve offered. Whether it’s a news story, a blog or a forum post, you can now find links to relevant content much sooner after it is published than was possible ever before.”

  11. HTML 5
    According to the W3C timetable, it is estimated that HTML5 will reach W3C Recommendation by late 2010. However, the First Public Working Draft estimate was missed by 8 months, and Last Call and Candidate Recommendation were expected to be reached in 2008, but as of July 2010 HTML5 is still at Working Draft stage in the W3C….so it look as though it will be next year then.

  13. Cloud Computing
    What is it? It is Internet-based computing, whereby shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand, as with the electricity grid. Cloud computing is a natural evolution of the widespread adoption of virtualization, Service-oriented architecture and utility computing.

  15. Wiki Leaks
    Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has dominated the news, both because of its steady drip feed of secret documents, but also because of the dealings of its enigmatic front man Julian Assange. Assange, is also accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010.

  17. Gawker Hacked
    A group hacked Gawker and posted the details of 1.5 million users, including their passwords, email addresses and usernames online. Since many people use the same password for the different sites they frequent, spammers were able to log into users accounts on other sites like Twitter, where they posted tweets about acai berries. In response, Twitter has told users to change their passwords.

  19. Net Neutrality
    An ongoing contentious issue that seems to divide so many people. Should the Internet be treated as a utility? Where everyone gets the same service and connection? Or should we pay for preferred levels of service?

    Beanstalk CEO Dave Davies sums it up like so:

    “Net Neutrality is, at it’s core, the idea that the Internet is a mandatory service and that complete equality is required in the way packets are treated as they flow across it. The idea that the Telco’s should have the ability to charge more for preferential treatment of certain packages (say …YouTube videos if Google slipped them a few extra bucks) violates this idea. Well who can argue that? Don’t I have the same rights to the Internet as everyone else?”

    ** Look for an update on the Net Neutrality Debate from Dave Davies coming soon to our Beanstalk Blog.

World News

…and in the news…on a more serious note; 2010 saw earthquakes, heat waves, floods, volcanoes, super typhoons, blizzards, landslides and droughts kill at least a quarter million people, making 2010 the deadliest year in more than a generation as well as the hottest ever on record

  1. Canada annihilates :-P the US in 2010 Winter Olympic Games Men and Womens Hockey
  2. Time Magazine’s Person of the year: Mark Zuckerberg
  3. December saw the First total lunar eclipse occurring on the First Day of Winter in 372 years!
  4. Leslie Neilson dies (1926-2010) (“Surely you can’t be serious?”….sorry too soon?)
  5. Betty White is named Entertainer of the Year by the Associated Press
  6. Lady Gaga is MTV News Woman of the Year
  7. 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake Devastates Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Jan. 12)
  8. Obama Unveils $3.8 Trillion Budget (Feb. 1)
  9. Chilean Miners Rescue (Oct. 25)
  10. BP Oil Rig Explosion (Apr. 20)


In no particular order, or preference, here are some of the movies we went to see this year:

  1. The Social Network
  2. Kick-Ass
  3. Iron Man 2
  4. The A-Team
  5. Inception
  6. Salt
  7. Scott Pilgrim v.s. The World
  8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1
  9. Tron 2
  10. Robin Hood

You Tube Videos

No Year in Review list would be complete without a list of the top YouTube videos of the year (Canadian Version):

  1. Bed Intruder Song
  2. In the strangest transformation of the year, the Gregory Brothers took the quirky television interview Antoine Dodson gave after his sister’s attempted assault (itself a viral video) and turned it into a chart-topper.

  3. Tik Tok Kesha Parody
  4. The pop music parody loomed large in 2010, thanks to Barely Political’s take on Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok” and the popularity of Key of Awe$ome, a weekly musical comedy show that’s been seen over 100M times.

  5. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
  6. Old Spice’s Super Bowl ad was an Internet sensation, but a few months later, it spawned something else: a real-time, social media campaign that generated over 100M views in a week.

  7. Giant Double Rainbow
  8. Paul Vasquez’s emotional response to a rainbow in Yosemite National Park took six months to go viral, but once it did — after Jimmy Kimmel Tweeted it — “double rainbow all the way” became an essential part of 2010’s pop culture lexicon.

  9. Greyson Chance Singing “Paparazzi”
  10. When Greyson Chance’s sixth grade performance of “Paparazzi” hit the web, it drew a massive audience, the attention of Lady Gaga herself, and ultimately led Chance to sign to Ellen DeGeneres’ new music label.

  11. Double Rainbow Song
  12. The Gregory Brothers took another of the year’s biggest viral videos, “Double Rainbow,” and transformed it into an auto-tuned sensation.

  13. 3-Year Old Crying Over Justin Bieber
  14. A toddler bawls because she adores Justin Bieber: “I love him,” “I don’t get to see him all day,” “I want him to be one of my family.” Later, Jimmy Kimmel brings her face-to-face with her idol.

  15. Oh…Canada
  16. Classified turn the Canadian anthem on its head with this viral music video about the country’s unique character and culture. Shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

  17. Tom Browkaw Explains Canada to Americans
  18. With all eyes on Canada for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, a clip explaining the difference between the U.S. and its northern neighbour took off.

  19. This Too Shall Pass
  20. In 2010, OK Go severed ties with their label and went independent, joining the YouTube Partner Program. Meanwhile, their endless pursuit of creative music videos delivered this ambitious homage to Rube Goldberg.

As we say goodbye to another year (depending upon your calendar of course!) and prepare to welcome in the new one, let us remember those who have departed and to welcome those that have joined us.

Let us reflect upon those events and happenings that define our experiences and shape our world. And let us all find happiness in those that make us laugh and in those that bring us joy.

From all of us here at Beanstalk, we would like to wish you all the very best from this holiday season.

SEO news blog post by @ 6:59 pm on December 23, 2010



An Intro And A Gift

Well first let me welcome Kyle to Beanstalk’s blogging realm.  Kyle has been with us for quite some time and has moved from a Link Builder to Link Department Manager to his current position as an SEO Technician.  We hope you will enjoy reading Kyle’s blogs where he will be writing about his take on current SEO happenings and where he’ll be sharing some of the SEO tips and resources he’s learned and used in developing his SEO chops.  Welcome Kyle. :)

And for our avid readers I’ve got a first-come-first-served AdWords credit for you. Sign up for a new account and the following code will start you off with $100 (though you’ll have to deposit $10 to get the account started).  Caution – I did this with one of my affiliate accounts and it proved so profitable that now Google’s made thousands off me (of course – I’ve made more so … :)

The code for your $100 is:  4QD3-7WET-9SAC-74Y9-DVM2.

Once it’s used it’s gone so good luck !

SEO news blog post by @ 11:56 pm on July 12, 2010



South Park School Auction

On May 29th, 2009 the school of the children of Beanstalk’s President (Mary Davies) and CEO (Dave Davies) will be holding an auction to fund, among other things, a new park for the school. We’re looking for donors from around the world to help out and, as Dave and Mary will be the auctioneers, you can be sure that your product/service will be well-represented. :)

To begin the appreciation, we’d like to thank the following people who have contacted Beanstalk to donate products/services worth more than $50.

Top Donors:

Beanstalk SEO – $1,500 Affordable SEO Package
We could hardly call ourselves involved without donating a little something of our own so we’ve donated a $1,500 SEO package.

Hurricane Store – $149 Survival Kit
Hurricane Store generously provided us with a 72 hour survival kit. As we here on the West Coast are warned to prep for an earthquake – this is a great donation indeed.
Disclaimer: we have done business with this company

Patch Super Store – $132 In Full Color Buttons
Patch Super Store provides high-quality full-color buttons suitable for any business event.
Disclaimer: we have done business with this company

Invitations RSVP – $100 Gift Certificate
Invitations RSVP provides quality wedding inviations.
Disclaimer: we have done business with this company.

Zhi Tea – $100 In Gift Certificates
Zhi Tea is a leading provider of organic teas online.
Disclaimer: we have done business with this company.

Kelly’s Closet – $100 Gift Certificate
Kelly’s Closet provides high-quality, eco-friendly cloth diapers.
Disclaimer: we have done business with this company.

Contact Us to add your donation to this list.

SEO news blog post by @ 2:12 pm on May 10, 2009



Running For A Cure For Breast Cancer

CIBC run for the cure.On October 5, 2008 Beanstalk President (Mary Davies), CEO (Dave Davies) ran in the Run For The Cure – a run for a cure for breast cancer.

The issue is an important one and become even more important personally when Mary discovered that her cousin (Heather) was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

After calling on the SEO community, our clients and our friends (and even putting a table in front of our house inviting people to donate) we raised over $2,500. That’s over $1000 higher than our target.

A big thanks goes out to all who donated but a very special thanks goes out to the following donors who really stepped up and helped us raise as much as we did:

Top Donors:

Beanstalk SEO – $500
Figured we should probably donate. :)

Metro Hi Speed – $500
Mark Madson and the Metro Hi Speed team won HUGE points with us (not that they needed to – we use them for our internet fax services and their services are awesome). With the single largest donation, tied only with Beanstalk’s own – well, that’s just awesome.
Note: we’ve done business with this company.

WeBuildPages – $475
I’ve got to tip my hat big time to Jim Boykin over at He’s organized chirty events at SES and SMX, sponsors events at the conferences and now a great donation for breast cancer research. They also offer some solid SEO services and link building and they have my respect in that area as well.

WeDo Hosting – $275
Arguably the best web hosting in Canada, WeDo Hosting and their CEO Robert Gagnon generously sponsored the event with a $275 donation. Big thanks go out to Rob and the WeDo team that keeps our sites up-and-running. :)
Note: we’ve done business with this company.

Able Trophies – $100
Able Trophies is an awesome company to do business with. they sell a variety of corporate awards including crystal awards, glass, marble and more. Great service and support.
Note: we’ve done business with this company.

Bill Slawski – $100
The man who made me incredibly paranoid at SES San Jose 2007 simply by attending the session I was speaking at on Google patents (understand that he was a lawyer who went into design and search engine marketing in 1996). He’s now the Director of Search Marketing at KeyRelevance.

Kristine Schachinger – $60
Kristine is a great friend of Dave’s and of Beanstalk. She’s easily one of the best accessibility, usability and professional web design (formerly linked to: experts around. She easilly makes our list of HIGHLY recommended web designers and web development consultants.
Note: we’ve done business with this person.

Livery Stables – $50
A big thanks to Chris & Kerrie over at Livery Stables for this kind donation. While I don’t have a horses for sale, nor can I buy one (living in the city and all) I appreciate their support and kind gesture.
Note: we’ve done business with this company.

SEO news blog post by @ 2:04 pm on October 6, 2008



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