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At Beanstalk Search Engine Optimization we know that knowledge is power. That's the reason we started this Internet marketing blog back in 2005. We know that the better informed our visitors are, the better the decisions they will make for their websites and their online businesses. We hope you enjoy your stay and find the news, tips and ideas contained within this blog useful.

June 16, 2010

Reciprocal Links … again

As they mentioned over on SE Round Table – the discussion regarding reciprocal links has been had hundreds – and maybe even thousands of times.  At least once per week I get asked about them either whether they’re part of what we do or if te person on the phone should do them, etc. etc.

I won’t pretend to have the hard-and-fast answer that is true 100% of the time ind in fact – my belief is that there is no answer that is right 100% of the time.  It’s one of those pesky times where one has to use their common sense.  Rather than trying to find a hard-and-fast “recip links work” or “recip links don’t work” one should rather look at each link and ask, “should this link work?”  If you’re getting a link on a page with 143 links ranging from real estate to blue widgets then it doesn’t matter whether it’s recip or not – it shouldn’t be counted.  On the other hand, Beanstalk has a link on the WebProNews site where they’re references our blog posts, etc.  Similarly – I’ve also linked to them as a great resource.  Should these links be ignored because we happen to link to each other?  Are they recip links?

Here’s the long-and-short of it:

  • Recip links are not in-and-of-themselves horrible if it’s an exchange of references with sites you’d actually recommend.
  • Recip links can be a royal pain to try to manage.  You might find one-way links easier in the long run
  • Recip links should NEVER be the only link strategy of a campaign.  Of course, the same can be said for any link building strategy.  A site that stands on one leg will soon fall.

The debate continues over at Webmaster World at

Good luck to you. :)

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